The Urgent Social Blissful Epic Classroom

Jane McGonigal’s talk on gaming in the real world is totally worth the watch and I thank AJ Kelton for passing it on to me! I think what she outlines as gamer skills to be utilized the real world can ABSOLUTLEY be used to construct divergent assignments in an integrative classroom. Although, I totally disagree with Malcom Gladwell‘s theory in Outliers: that 10000 hours of practice at something = you’re an expert at it. Give me two hours on FarmVille; (something I’ve never played) and Google and I’ll can be an expert too.

McGonigal outlines 4 ways in which games make us/our students virtuosos for gaming in the real world:
  1. Urgent optimism: compelling need to act + possibility of success
  2. Social fabric: trust with others
  3. Blissful productivity: happier when working hard at games rather than relaxing uselessly
  4. Epic meaning: knowledge + resources
How do we use these in the Multichronic Classroom?

Help me out here… add to this open google doc:

Bonus Points: Give students the Google 20 = 20% of class time to work on their own project! Not something you assign, something they come up with themselves and can turn in for credit. Let them write their own assignment.

Social Movies

Last year, movie’s went 3D. This year TVs are going 3D. TV’s are also supposed to go “social” sometime soon as well, with Yahoo ramping up their “widget” efforts… something Apple TV should have done a few years ago. Speaking of Apple, perhaps TV will have help when it jumps off of your television and onto your iPad device, but that’s another post.

So being an old theatre geek, I want to know when will movies go social? When will you be allowed, no, asked to text during a movie? Or better yet, when will you be able to interact through your phone, pad, or other mobile device with the movie you’re watching on the giant screen? What will that interaction look like?

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